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Executive transitions, we are warned, must be taken very seriously. A wrong hire can erode cash, reputation, relationships, and much more. We are told that they are inflection points with enormous consequences—very high stakes indeed. But, is this narrative necessarily true, or is there more to the story that would completely change the stakes?

Yes, executive transitions are powerful lever points. And they are even more powerful when not viewed in isolation. There are other ways we could think about leadership succession, ways that could limit occasions of harm, help diversify top leadership, smooth out bumps, and steadily increase an organization’s leadership quotient internally and among its peers on a more consistent basis.

In this webinar, Jeanne Bell of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and Tom Adams of Raffa PC talk about how to change one’s approach to this currently crucial moment in the life of a nonprofit. To do so, they deftly weave two conversations together into a coherent whole that every board and foundation in the country should consider, whether or not they are facing an imminent leadership change. This serves as NPQ’s first salvo into a full exploration of a new approach to nonprofit leadership transition. Watch for more.

The PowerPoint slides from this webinar can be downloaded here.