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We were able to assist two Homeless Shelters located right here in Orlando

NPIS has formed a New Community Relations Committee to benefit our community with volunteering program, fundraising campaigns, outreach awareness, and providing sponsorships. The newly formed committee’s first endeavor was to help our Homeless population during this cold weather snap by providing 100 new blankets for warmth and easy carrying.

Homeless Empowerment Program

Our purpose is to break the cycle of homelessness for the thousands of people we help each year. We monitor our programs to measure progress against stated goals and make necessary refinements throughout the process. Since 1986, our mission has been to provide homeless and low-income individuals and families, including veterans, with housing, food, clothing and support services necessary to obtain self-sufficiency and improved quality of life. Learn more

Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Together, We Can Break The Cycle Of Homelessness In Central Florida.

The Mission provides for immediate physical needs – including food, clothing, and shelter – however, our programs are designed to lead the homeless to permanent independence built on a personal relationship with Christ. Learn more

NPIS is always open to ideas on how to assist our Community and Welcome feedback from our Members. NPIS contact: Jennifer.Lister@NPIS.com